Who we are


Jacqueline Theodore founded Own Your Home Incorporated in 1994. Although it has seen a few changes over the years, Own Your Home has stuck to its core values: saving you time and stress while providing an extensive array of resources to help you find your dream property. Jacqueline believes in putting in the effort and hard work so that you don’t have to. She has never missed an opportunity to instil that very same quality into everyone she has ever worked with. Jacqueline’s business acumen and her work ethic saw the company through over 2 decades of dedicated service to its clients!

“I pride myself in knowing that the extra hours I spend making sure my client’s wants are being met save them the hassle of doing so themselves”




The most notable change in 2016 was the introduction of Edsel Theodore, in late October, to the board of directors. With his experience in design and coding, along with his business management training, Edsel was a perfect fit to bring Own Your Home Inc into the technological era. He believes that the world is constantly changing, especially the IT sector, and faces the challenges that arise willingly and whole heartedly. Own Your Home benefits greatly by his design of the brand new website as well as the company’s introduction to social media. These are a few of the ever growing resources that would be used to help you find what you are looking for.

 “I put in the extra work because I know that when I see the look on the client’s face when I’m handing them the keys to their dream home, it’ll be more than worth it”


With Jacqueline’s 22 years of real estate experience and Edsel’s fresh innovative mind, Own Your Home Inc. stands tall like no other in St Lucia. This mother/son duo offers a uniqueness that is unmatched.

We help you buy/rent your own property as well as sell/lease it. Chiefly, we help you manage them! As a company, of course we have set a few goals for ourselves but we also hope to make an impact on St Lucia. Namely, we hope to provide employment in our current market as well as help improve our national development.

If there is a need for housing or an improvement on it, we will leave no stone unturned to help!

However, Own Your Home believes that the way we offer our services is truly more important than what we offer. We ask ourselves “What are our customers really buying from us?”. The simple answer is we save you time and stress while offering the resources to get the ball rolling. The long answer is that you get to benefit from the wide array of resources at our disposal thereby saving your time for the people and things that are more precious to you.  Not only do we save you that hassle but also the stress of constantly monitoring those resources to get that right response. We do all of that for you, happily!